Lower Mash Rapid

whitewater rafting through Lower Mash Rapid on the Lower Gauley River in West Virginia

At 2800 cfs, this rapid can be easily scouted from the right side. If you take a look, you'll notice Fountain Rock at the top of the drop. The large pointy projection splits the drop into two channels. The rocks at the bottom of the right channel are shallow and jagged, and the route should not be taken until the water flow is at least 5000 cfs. when there is enough water to cushion the landing. The left channel rolls down into one of the largest wave hits on the entire Gauley River. The rocks at the bottom left of Lower Mash are undercut and should be avoided. At high water levels, they pour over into a huge bone crunching hole.

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Lower Mash Rapid at 2800 cfs