Koontz Flume Rapid

whitewater rafting through Koontz Flume Rapid on the Gauley River in West Virginia

Just downstream of Back Ender Rapid, you will pass under a dilapidated cable foot bridge, and at this point you'll know that you're approaching the first Class V rapid in the Lower Gauley Canyon, Koontz Flume. This short powerful rapid can be very dangerous. The main feature of this one is a giant undercut boulder on the right side of the river. Be sure not to get pushed over there. The widest entrance is on the right side of the river and you'll want to get moving back to the center as soon as possible as the current seems to pull hard to the danger on the right. There is a sticky hole at the top as well and will require some momentum to punch through.

Five Boat Hole is located in the center of the river at the bottom of the rapid and makes for excellent kayak surfing between 5000 cfs and 7000 cfs.

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Koontz Flume Rapid at 2800 cfs