Fourth Drop of Lost Paddle Rapid (Tumble Home)

white water rafting on a low water run through Tumble Home the fourth drop of Lost Paddle on the Gauley River in West Virginia

The entrance to Tumble Home, Lost Paddle's Fourth Drop, is split by a large jagged boulder in the middle of the river. The right hand route, though more technical, avoids the chance of messing up and getting funneled into one of the death traps on the left side. You will enter to the right of this jagged boulder and immediately ferry to the left to avoid the slanted undercut on the bank. You should then be looking to drop down a left to right slot between boulders. Once through here, the current charges quickly for the exit which is broken into four slots by some large boulders. The two on the far left are wide and clean. The two foot wide Mail Slot is the next one to the right; and should be avoided like the plague. At high water (above 4000 cfs), it is possible to exit out the far right slot, to avoid ferrying in front of the mail slot.

The left line is a bit less technical than the right, however the consequences for error could be very severe. The left line starts near the shore with a slide over a sloping ledge into a weak hydraulic. Once through this you will immediately want to ferry over to the first wide channel on the right to reconnect with those who chose the right entrance.. Almost every rock in Tumble Home is undercut.

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Fourth Drop of Lost Paddle at 2800 cfs

Fourth Drop of Lost Paddle at 300 cfs

Fourth Drop of Lost Paddle at 800 cfs